Strange Snowboarding 2010.03.18 - Snowboarding in a ghost town

Gilman is an abandoned mining town in southeastern Eagle County, Colorado, United States. The U.S. Post Office at Minturn (ZIP Code 81645) now serves Gilman postal addresses

Founded in 1886 during the Colorado Silver Boom, the town later became a center of lead and zinc mining in Colorado, centered around the now-flooded Eagle Mine. It was abandoned in 1984 by order of the Environmental Protection Agency because of toxic pollutants, including contamination of the ground water, as well as unprofitability of the mines. It is currently a ghost town on private property and is strictly off limits to the public.

Shot on a Panasonic HMC150 and a Canon 7D

Shooting. Editing. by Collin James Diederich

Music. Doc Watson - Country Blues